How to Book for the OET Test?; A Comprehensive Overview

Thu 11, 2023
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If you are a healthcare professional aspiring to build your dream career in an English-speaking country, then qualifying OET will surely be a great milestone you. The OET exam assesses candidates’ abilities to handle real-life English speaking scenarios encountered in their daily work, such as patient consultations, hospital ward rounds, and medical case presentations. Here, we will discuss how to book your seats for the OET test.

OET Test Booking

Booking for the OET test is a crucial step toward achieving your dream career. Aspirants can book their slots through the OET booking platform on Here, aspirants have the option to find a location that’s convenient for them.

When booking for the OET test, ensure you have access to a desktop computer or laptop with internet facilities. Be sure to have your Visa or MasterCard and ID ready.

How to Find a Test Location Near You?

There are steps you need to follow to find the testing location near you and book your slots.

Go to ‘Book a Test’ page

First, go on the book a test page through the official OET website.

Enter Your Location

Aspirants have the option to search and find the location of their choice. Enter your preferred location and click on the tab ‘Find a test.’ There, you can see the test venues nearer to you.

Filter and Click on Book Now

On the results page, aspirants can filter the test center by Mode or Distance. Click on the option ‘Book now.’ You will be directed to the booking platform for your selected OET Test.

Here, you will be directed to either of the below two options:

OET on Paper at a Venue 
OET on Computer at a Venue/OET@Home 
For OET on Paper at a Venue

The aspirant will be directed to register or log into your OET account at Once registered, click on the tab ‘Apply for test’ at the top of your account dashboard. Follow all the instructions. The payment details need to be completed within 15 minutes of your time. By successfully following all the prompts, you can secure your seat. Usually, bookings for OET on Paper close 24 days before the test, but it is subject to change.

For OET on Computer at a Venue/OET@Home

OET@Home is available to candidates in countries where there is no test venue offering either OET on computer or OET on paper.

OET on Computer at a venue is a new test type of OET. The Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sub-tests can now be taken on a computer, rather than pen and paper. Here, Listening, Reading and Writing subtestes are taken on a computer at a test venue and the Speaking sub-test is taken via Zoom, on a computer or tablet at home or other suitable location

The aspirant can book an OET on Computer/OET@Home Test through You can also log in to your OET account to rebook OET on Computer at a venue or OET@Home. Then click ‘Book Now’ or ‘Book Your Test’ available on your account dashboard.

Follow all the prompts and complete all the requested fields. Once you select the test date, complete the booking process within 15 minutes. Carefully complete the payment details. Your booking will be finalized only after completing the payment process. Usually, bookings for OET on Computer at a test venue/Home close 7 days before the test date.

The aspirant will receive a confirmation email upon booking confirmation.

Booking for the OET test is an important process in your journey toward working in an English-speaking environment. Complete the process with full attention, confirm your test center, and start your OET preparation.

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