OET: Unlock A Career in Healthcare Abroad Why OET?

Mon 09, 2023
Home OET: Unlock A Career in Healthcare Abroad Why OET?

You need to clear the Occupational English Test (OET) if you are entertaining plans to travel overseas in pursuit of a career in dentistry, occupational therapy, podiatry, medicine, pharmacy, speech, speech pathology, dietetics, optometry, radiography, nursing, physiotherapy, or veterinary science.

English is the obvious global language. Moreover, it is irreplaceable in education, relations and business. Furthermore, a majority of employers around the world consider English essential for their business. Besides, the same requirement applies for medical professionals who want to travel abroad.

OET takes stock of one’s flair for effective communication in English. In addition, it puts your language skills to the test. Besides, the exam demands a certain degree of language proficiency but it is not that difficult to clear. You can quality with the proper guidance, strategy, and practice.

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Opportunities In Healthcare Industry

Nowadays, professionals from the healthcare industry in India are more inclined to work in a foreign country. The reasons for this allure are high income, better quality of life and the experience. Furthermore, the healthcare professionals in India are drawn to these factors increasingly.

Even with a globalized economy, cross-border work opportunities are becoming more and more competitive and challenging. In addition, companies around the world are keen to find the best global talent. Policymakers in developed countries are further striving to promote international mobility.

Healthcare professionals from India are held in high regard. Moreover, they continue to be in high demand even when migration of workers of other categories are being restricted.

The demand for healthcare workers is expected to increase in India and overseas in the future. In addition, this will give rise to innumerable employment opportunities. Besides, the likely increase in the aging population in the next few decades will create an even greater demand for healthcare workers. This further increases the importance and significance of OET. Lastly, find listed below a few simple tips that will help you to prepare better for this pathbreaking exam.

Better to practice than memorize

OET helps students and working professionals to realize the role of effective communication between a patient and medical professional. Make sure you practise with the correct materials, follow the most recent guidelines and solve OET papers. Moreover, this will give you an idea regarding what to expect and how to approach each test paper section. Avoid memorising as much as possible.

Furthermore, try to understand the purpose of OET writing, OET listening, OET speaking, and OET reading test papers. Go about your preparation accordingly. Lastly, the priority should be to gain an organic understanding of the expectations in terms of the level of English language and communication.

Be Focused on the Answers and the Time

It is better to avoid guessing answers from what you already know. Furthermore, make an effort to understand the content of the question to begin with and then read the subtext of the question.  Besides, keep in mind that the questions and answers won’t be as apparent as they seem.

In addition, feel free to avoid answers that are based on your medical knowledge. It is important to time your answers correctly. Lastly, try to improve your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Reading, listening and speaking in English will further help you to develop your skills.

Look For Professional Guidance

Get access to past OET papers and model questions and gain practice. Do this with a tutor or as part of a study group. It will help you further to identify the areas that need improvement. In addition, you will receive feedback regarding your progress as a result.

You will further get a feel for the type of questions likely to be asked and the level of difficulty. Lastly, avoid getting stressing before the exam. Make sure you stay positive, stay focused and follow fall back on your practice. This will go a long way in helping you to prepare well for the OET.

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