Priceless Tips to Master OET Speaking and Ensure Success

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Priceless Tips to Master OET Speaking and Ensure Success

The OET Speaking test is one part of the OET test that uses materials specifically designed for your profession. It is designed in the form of a role-play. Whether you are a professional nurse or pharmacist, the speaking test is conducted emulating real-life situations.

You are required to speak as a healthcare professional to the patients or the carers who accompany the patient. Health professionals tend to prefer OET as it is made up of medical language and terminology.

OET Speaking Tips to Ensure Success

The OET Speaking test is recorded. It is the audio recording that is evaluated. OET evaluates your ability to communicate effectively in speech with patients or clients. The role-play allows the candidate to take a professional role to deal with everyday workplace situations. Read on to learn OET Speaking tips you should know to secure good grades.

 Positive Use of Language

A patient’s comfort and relaxation are the priority of healthcare workers. The interlocutor, who acts as a patient or a client of yours, must feel comfortable with you. You should use positive language to bring this about. Make sure that you are neither impatient nor rude to them.

Build Rapport

Try to initiate the conversation. Build a rapport and listen to others. Greet your patient, introduce yourself, clarify the patient’s name and explain your role in their care. Demonstrate attentiveness to establish trust with your patient. Your motivation will make them feel better.

During your role play, make sure that you take up the initiative to speak and maintain the conversation. Your examiner or interlocutor might not speak up. You must efficiently carry out the conversation. Ask open-minded questions giving opportunities for the patient to speak. Examiners evaluate your ability to engage the patient.

Transfer Of Accurate Information

The next step is to give your patient the details of their health condition and other advice. Gather the information from the patients and pause when giving them information. Ask the patient to repeat back to the doctor to make sure their understanding is the same. Use soft phrases while you talk to the patient.

Implement Organized Techniques

You cannot speak to an 8-year child and an 80-year-old person in the same way. Your language, words and intonation must be according to the patient you are treating. Sometimes, the Occupational English Test person you test might ask you something odd to see your reaction. Be flexible in your thinking and language.

Finish Well

It is important how you end your test. Summarize your test well and check whether the patient has understood what you have said. Convey the information intelligently and precisely. Try to know what further information the patient needs and summarize information to encourage further information from patients.

Speaking test is one crucial subtest that you must focus on and prepare to get qualified. Hope you found this information helpful.

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